Masterclass for actors m. Yael Gaathon
Yael Gaathon

Masterclass for actors m. Yael Gaathon

28/02/2019 @ 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm -

The Master class:
In this master class we will dive deep into detailed work to improve our sincerity and presence. We will work both on deliverance of text as well as physicality, facial expression and body language.
Using tools from Butoh we will strengthen our core and center and improve our inner trust. By tapping into our inner strength we will learn to use and manipulate our energy in different ways to be able to deliver the variety of qualities and expressions different characters and genres demand.

2×5 hours, 17.30-22.30 on Thursdays February 28th and again on April 7th. (w. 9 & 10)

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